Ways in which reading can make you a better person

Ways in Which Reading Can Make You a Better Person

There are several ways in which reading can make you a better person. Whether you are reading for fun, for research, or to acquire new knowledge, reading has different ways through which it can help bring out the best in you. Studies in recent years state that reading helps improve brain activity, decreases the risk level of stress, and boosts your empathy skill.  Also, according to the Pew Research Centre, those who do not read books are said to be missing out a lot on so many factors that could have made them a better version of themselves.  Read on to see the various ways in which reading can be used to improve your personality.

Reading Helps You Become a Better Critique

One way reading makes one become a better person is by giving one the ability to judge and discern certain human characters, as well as gain a better understanding of how and why people act the way they do. Studying loads and tons of cultural books can help us mirror different societies and their various ways of life, which we can then use while trying to judge certain characters.

Reading Improves Creativity

The more you read, the more you hone your level of creativity. For those looking to become better writers, research conducted by the University of Toronto posits that people, who spend time on fictional books especially short stories, tend to write more creatively whenever they settle to write.

Reading Elongates your Life Span

Several pieces of research, especially that which was carried out by Yale University on 3,635 people who are already above  50 years discovered that those who spend at least 30 minutes in a day studying tend to live almost 2 years more than those who don’t read at all.

Reading Makes You More Intelligent.

Reading makes people more intelligent in that it boosts cognition level. Research carried out by King’s College London and the University of Edinburgh revealed that children with excellent reading habits possess a greater degree of cognition than others. Also, notable world business leaders and entrepreneurs who made reading a lifestyle asserted same.

Reading Gives You More Retentive Memory

Studies carried out by the American Academy of Neurology asserts that engaging the brain with studying activity gives the brainpower of retention. That is, while Individuals who read often can remember things faster, those who do not read usually experience a progressive deterioration of intellectual functions, such as memory.

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