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Take Your Pick: The LRF Sets Up Work Committees As New Programmes Kick Off

The Literary Renaissance Foundation (LRF) marked a defining moment on Sunday, 22 January 2023 when it held the inaugural meeting of its volunteer workforce for the campaign to revitalise literature, intelligence and learning across Nigeria.

In addition to the monthly book readings that the reading culture advocacy group has held in the past – see a short report on the latest one here – both to celebrate authors and to satisfy the thirst of book lovers for a creative, educating and entertaining weekend activity, it announced in November 2022 that it would be launching new programmes in 2023 in order to more effectively pursue its strategic goals. The Foundation wishes to tackle the ever-increasing rate of illiteracy and indifference towards intelligence and learning in the country.

To help it achieve its aims, the LRF has established a set of work committees and is inviting its volunteer workforce to take their pick.

To join others like you and volunteer, please click here.


Can I know more about these work committees?


Yes. There are 5 work groups. Find out which one(s) would suit you best below.



The outreach group will make contact with different groups, schools and institutions on behalf of the Foundation.

They will visit various schools, agencies and offices to sensitise them about reading, set up and manage book clubs and reading hubs in different school and non-school locations, and also manage the distribution and rotation of books across these places.

To prevent logistics and mobility issues, each volunteer in this committee will mostly operate in the locations around them. Dealing only with the schools and reading hubs in their local community will help them make an impact on behalf of the Foundation while not overreaching.



The liaison committee will be the link between the LRF and educational districts and school authorities. The committee will speak to them and also get feedback about the Foundation’s programmes.

They will equally engage with policy makers at the local, state and federal government levels on necessary policy changes and other critical factors that need addressing in the Nigerian educational system.



This group will be in charge of awareness, making sure that word gets out to more and more people about the LRF’s activities.

They will mobilise people for attendance of various events and make sure that the organisation’s engagements garner a lot of interest from many people.

The committee will also be responsible for managing the social media accounts of the LRF. Through adequate use of Internet technology, they will be able to reach out to a large population of Nigerians within as well as outside the country.

While managing these media accounts, the publicity committee will work to make books and authors trend through regular posts, tagging of famous individuals, contribution to trending topics, adequate engagement with followers of the social media pages, and other strategies.

They will also sign up social media influencers as ambassadors of the LRF to help reach an even wider audience.


Research & Development

The R&D committee will study the subject of reading culture, literacy and education and discover new information to help the LRF grow and be more effective.

While conducting research, the committee will pay attention to the Nigerian society, what the LRF has done, its impact, what still needs to be done, and innovative ways to do it. They will also search for related information outside Nigeria and look out for insight and methods that could be applied successfully in the country.

Essentially, the R&D team will work to make the LRF better and more effective.

To communicate their findings to the organisation and other necessary audiences, they will develop, publish and distribute quarterly reports or white papers containing their discoveries or suggestions.



As for the sponsorship committee, they will seek resources and sponsorships to help the LRF deliver on its objectives.

The group will work to acquire either funds or, more importantly, items such as books, reading tablets, computers and other similar materials to facilitate the activities in book clubs and reading hubs either within or outside school environments.

The objective will be to get local and foreign corporate sponsorships, as well as convincing individuals to sign up for donations on a one-time, monthly, periodic or annual basis.

To sign up as an LRF volunteer and take your pick of one of these committees, please click here.

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