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We are organising a number of incentive-driven competitions as part of our drive to encourage reading among the youth.

Reading and Spelling Competitions

We undertake special competitions for students in elementary schools to encourage them to read. This programme is similar to Spelling Bee competitions. However, in this case, the students are given a selection of books at each stage of the competition and spelling questions are asked from those books.

The 10/10 Challenge

This programme is also held in elementary schools. The emphasis is on encouraging schoolchildren to read at least 10 works of literature before they turn 10. The initiatives will be incentivised so that participants and winners will win prizes.

The 16/16 Challenge

This programme is targeted at secondary school students who will be challenged to read 16 works of literature before they turn 16. As they read, they will also be encouraged to open a journal documenting their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on each work and upload some of these on a dedicated platform. They can also add multimedia files to their uploads such as photos, drawings, audio and video recordings.

The Modern Shakespeare Project

This project aims at presenting the works of William Shakespeare in a modern, easy-to-read-and-enjoy style while engaging students in tertiary institutions to do the writing, with prizes given to the best entries.

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The Literary Renaissance Foundation is an advocacy campaign with the following strategic goals:

  • To be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders and influencers in Nigeria, and Africa, who love books and learning, and who will eventually step up to leadership positions across all sectors.
  • To engender a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence amongst Nigerians...

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