Nine great books for children

9 Great Books for Your Children

You are probably going through a hard time finding the best books for your children. Here are 9 carefully selected books to inspire and keep your children informed.

Ish, by Peter Reynolds.

If you are looking to teach your children not to get stuck to a single way of doing a particular thing, then Ish by Peter Reynolds is a great choice. Reynolds, in this book, crafted a comprehensive tale using great illustrations to tell the young minds that there are different ways to achieve a result.

Grace for President, by Kelly DiPucchio.

One easy way to inspire your children to be daring with their dream is by giving them someone to look up to, and this is what DiPucchio did in the book “Grace for President” where a young girl named Grace aspires to be the first female president against all odds. To make this come to reality, she worked hard and allowed her courage rather than discouragement and distractions drive her.

Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourself by Jennie Finch.

Society has its way of influencing the minds of young ones and could go as much as limiting their potential. But before that, shouldn’t you encourage your child to dream and not be limited by what people say? Flinch, in this book which is an autobiography, teaches the young female minds to go for whatever they believe in, and not get limited by societal norms

The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.

Every child is creative no doubt, but they need the drive to hone their creativity. If this is what you seek for your child, then you might want to consider getting him/her “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds.  This book is surely one great way to inspire your child’s creativity.

Stanza, by Jill Esbaum

We cannot always be there to ward off bullies or prevent our kids from growing into one, but we can take preventive measures by educating them on the hazards of bullying others, as well as what to do if they are victims of bullying.  Stanza by Esbaum looks at how children grow into bullies and the danger attached to being one. It also portrays bullies as those who take solace in hurting others because of their battles at home. Your children should read this book!

Wonder, by Palacio R.J

Wonder centers on the story of a young boy who, due to the deformity on his face, earned an indifferent treatment from his peers and classmates in school. Palacio through this book teaches children to have a sense of empathy, and compassion for others regardless of their physical challenges.

The Pout-Pout Fish

This book teaches children to be happy no matter what using the story of a fish that was always sad, but immediately remembers it doesn’t have to be sad in a beautiful sea. The world is a beautiful place too after all and children shouldn’t live a sad life.

Isn’t history a foundation for the presence and bedrock for the future? Here are two great books written by great intellectuals that will inspire your children a lot.

On a Beam of Light by Albert Einstein

This is the story that dares the young minds to dream and aim higher than they already do. A boy in the story picks up a bicycle and rides alongside a dusty road envisaging so many ideas in his little mind.  The faster he rides the more sojourns his little mind takes him on. Eventually, this boy grew to become Albert Einstein; a world recognized genius who exposed us to a better understanding of the universe.

Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library

In this book, Thomas Jefferson grew up to develop a strong affinity with reading while growing up. And immediately he discovered his passion lies in reading, he got himself more books to read daily. He built himself a library with his book selections which he collected in different fields of knowledge.

This book does not only help children to discover their talent early just as Jefferson did, but it also teaches them to chase their dream.

Apart from these nine great books for children, which other ones do you know? Mention them below in the comment box.

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