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The Problem

Over the years, interest in books and literary endeavours have been on a steady decline among Nigerian youth. If our current reading culture index is benchmarked against the age-old sayings on the importance of reading and acquisition of knowledge such as “knowledge is power”, “readers are leaders” and “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”, it appears we are on a free fall to the eventual collapse of everything we hold dear as a nation.


We are setting up Virtual Reading Hubs (VRHs) all over the country. Find the closest one to you.


We Want to Engender a Thirst For Knowledge and Passion for Excellence!


The Literary Renaissance Foundation actively campaigns against the devaluation of intelligence in Nigeria and works to be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders.


The Foundation has developed a number of engaging events and activities to drive its objectives. Some of our programmes include Reading and Spelling Competition, Book Clubs (The 10/10 Challenge).


We have put together projects that will inspire, motivate and encourage the younger generation to seek ways to get knowledge while having fun. The Modern Shakespeare Project.

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Be part of our team by becoming a volunteer. LRF welcomes passionate individuals who, like us, are ready to #IgniteReadingCulture once again in Nigeria. To become a volunteer, kindly fill out the application form here.

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