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With our work, we aim to build strong advocacy to instil a healthy reading culture among the youth population.

Influencer Campaign

We campaign against the devaluation of intelligence by inviting influencers and thought leaders in the country to post pictures of themselves reading a book on their social media accounts with the following hashtags:





 This gesture will inspire a conversation about the role models and the books they are reading on social media, with the expected outcome of influencing the youth to pick up such books and go read them as well. The influencers are also encouraged to share their images and learning points from such reading to make the books trend.

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The Literary Renaissance Foundation actively campaigns against the devaluation of intelligence in Nigeria and works to be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders and influencers, who love books and learning, across all sectors.

School Visits

We visit public and private schools, elementary and high schools, to encourage the students to read and make reading a daily habit. To make this effective, we freely distribute books and learning materials received from donors and partners to the students and encourage them to read and send in their learning points to our designated portal for review. The best entries are given appropriate prizes.

Reading Culture Dialogue

We hold a quarterly citizen engagement deliberation where we invite stakeholders in the book and learning sectors to discuss issues and developments pertaining to the reading culture and learning environments in the country. Through these deliberations, we come up with possible policy options that will be suggested to regulators and policymakers for adoption.

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 About us

The Literary Renaissance Foundation is an advocacy campaign with the following strategic goals:

  • To be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders and influencers in Nigeria, and Africa, who love books and learning, and who will eventually step up to leadership positions across all sectors.
  • To engender a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence amongst Nigerians...

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  • Ikota Villa Estate
  • Ikota, Lagos.
  • Email: info[at]literaryrenaissance[dot]org



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