Kunle shittu reciting poetry at lrf book reading

Kunle Shittu Unfolds Layers of ‘Wahala’ at the November LRF Book Reading

Kunle Shittu Unfolds Layers of ‘Wahala’ at the November LRF Book Reading

The Literary Renaissance Foundation (LRF) convened its eagerly awaited monthly gathering on Sunday, 5 November 2023, where literary enthusiasts and writers came together for a delightful literary feast.

The last LRF meeting had Barth Akpah as the author who shared his work. This month’s meeting featured Kunle Shittu, a multifaceted individual who has seamlessly navigated the realms of marketing communications and the enchanting world of poetry and prose.

As is customary, the event commenced with warm introductions from a diverse group of participants—on this occasion, including civil servants, students, and talented writers and editors—all gathered with the singular purpose of savouring the aroma of a literary meal of poetry.

Kunle shittu
Mr Shittu charming his audience with a poetic rendition at the Book Reading

Kunle’s poetic debut, WAHALA, has earned applause from readers and critics alike, establishing him as a noteworthy voice in contemporary literature. His literary expertise extends beyond poetry, encompassing short stories and articles that have graced the pages of international literary journals.

Kunle generously graced the forum with his insights into WAHALA, sharing his challenges during its creation and shedding light on the inspiration behind its thoughtful title.

With a voice that resonated through the digital space, the poet treated the audience to a recitation of several poems from WAHALA. He skilfully wove through his verses, inviting listeners to explore the layers of meaning within his work. Of particular note was his 1999 poem about rabble-rousers, which curiously mirrored contemporary political figures.

The audience were active participants, providing valuable feedback and thoughtful comments on the author’s work. One former colleague, Alhaja Olabisi, undoubtedly well-versed in the intricacies of literary genres and contemporary themes, lauded Kunle for his rich literary expertise.

The essence of Kunle’s work derives from the deep inspiration he draws from, including the poignant stories of homelessness and the tumultuous landscape of Nigerian elections. These themes, woven into his poetry, reflect the reality of Nigerian society and the nuanced challenges it faces.

As literature is a mirror to society, WAHALA stands as a reflective portrait of the Nigerian experience.

During the fascinating discussion, participants underscored the pressing need for societal change and the importance of initiating this transformation without delay. The conversation delved into the significance of historical education for Nigeria’s youth, highlighting how it can serve as a compass to navigate the values and identity of a nation.

The literary gathering was a portal into the creative mind of Kunle Shittu; it offered a glimpse into the intricate connections of themes that permeate his poetry. We look forward to his forthcoming collection of short stories, slated for release in 2024.