Victor ketri author speaking at the LRF book reading

Victor Keri Weaves Tales for Young Adults at the August LRF Book Reading

The Literary Renaissance Foundation’s (LRF) monthly book reading is an event that draws together authors, readers, writers and other people from different walks of life through their common interest in books, and the 6 August 2023 edition with Victor Keri was no different, with participants eagerly logging onto the platform.

The event, anchored by Executive Director, Babatunde Oladele, officially kicked off at 5:20 pm with the welcoming and introduction of all who were present. There was also a brief introduction of LRF by the Executive Director as well as the reading of the author’s profile by the Foundation’s Administrator, Mary Ogundipe.

Victor Onyedika Keri is a Nigerian author with a passion for weaving gripping tales of the human experience. Now residing in North Brisbane, Australia, Victor masterfully balances his time between his demanding 9-5 job, pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health, and crafting rich, emotive narratives that resonate with readers worldwide.


In Roar, Victor Keri mixed pidgin and English to weave a poignant and uplifting tale that leaves readers breathless. The book is about Kenechukwu, a young boy with dreams who possesses a gift that blooms in the midst of adversity.

With his elder sister Chimamanda and their mother at his side, Kenechukwu navigates the obstacles of life in Nigeria, determined to follow his passion for rap music. But success is hard won as he faces challenges that threaten to break him, including the tragic loss of his heartthrob, Ada, in a xenophobic attack in South Africa.

Through the pages of Roar, Keri skilfully explores themes of police brutality, personal demons and the healing power of music in his literary fiction. The book is a soul-stirring story as the protagonist eventually finds his voice and emerges from his shell.

The question-and-answer session followed as participants were allowed to express their views after the reading. At the end, a few general announcements were made, and the vote of thanks given by the Executive Director brought the Reading session to a close at 6:35 pm.