Setting up Your Reading Experience

Setting up Your Reading Experience

Setting up Your Reading Experience

Reading requires a level of concentration that is not always easy to attain. You can improve your focus by finding a good place to read, energizing your body and mind, and bolstering your enthusiasm about the book itself. Committing to the act of reading will allow you to enjoy your book to the fullest.

  1. Block out noise. Make sure that your surroundings are quiet. Studies have shown that background noise may decrease higher brain function, impairing learning and memory. To focus on your book, find quiet by whatever means necessary- try looking for a secluded spot, wearing earplugs, or reading late at night when most people are sleeping.
  2. Distance yourself from your phone. Studies have shown that smartphones are a great distraction, and that the absence of one when completing a task can make you more than 25% more productive. When you are reading, leave your phone in another room, or tucked away in your pocket or book bag to avoid looking at it. If you are not anticipating any urgent calls or messages, try turning it off altogether.

The same principle applies for television. Having it on in the background is likely to disrupt  your focus.

  1. Find your zen place. Everyone has their own ideal working space, where they can concentrate, relax and be productive. If you already know where you feel best, make a point of setting up there to read. If not, try some of these options for relaxed and focused reading:
    1. Library
    2. A basement, attic, or other quiet room at home
    3. A quiet park
    4. A bookstore
    5. A quiet café or restaurant
  1. Reserve reading time. Make space for reading in your busy schedule to avoid worrying about other responsibilities, chores, and activities during that time. Choose a point during the day when you will not be needed by family, friends, or colleagues; if possible, let them know that you will be out of touch during that period. Taking time for yourself- for reading, or anything else you might want to do- is important for psychological and physical health. If your schedule allows, make this reading time a regular weekly, or even daily, event.

Be flexible with your reading time. It’s okay to read at a different time if you feel like reading. Alternatively, if something gets in the way of your reading time, you can always catch up at another point.

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