Graceflora Ohwobete at the June book reading of the LRF

June LRF Book Reading: Reviews and Applause Pour in for Graceflora Ohwobete

The June edition of the Monthly Book Reading organised by the Literary Renaissance Foundation [LRF] started at 5:10 pm on Sunday, 4 June on Zoom, with Oladimeji Ogunoye, the moderator, opening the floor for the attendees to introduce themselves.

The Executive Director, Babatunde Oladele, introduced how and why the foundation was founded and the aims and objectives of the LRF Volunteer workforce and the Reading Culture Dialogue. Then a brief bio of the author was read by Mary Ogundipe, the Foundation’s Administrator.

Graceflora Ohwobete is a cheerful, hardworking and passionate teacher, and is currently the Examination and Liaison Officer of The Lagoon School, Lagos. She is a volunteer and Consultant at The African Refugees Foundation (ARF) Lagos and does humanitarian service as a teacher and guidance counsellor at Sai Baba Orphanage Home, Lagos.

Croc’s Dentist is an exciting tale of the everyday life of an average child. It is a story about disobedience and its outcome. The author, Graceflora Oghwobete, keenly personifies each character as seen in our daily lives. Croc’s Dentist skilfully teaches lessons about obeying parents and encourages benevolence towards everybody, especially those in need.

After the reading, applause and positive reactions followed as participants were allowed to ask questions and give their reviews.

Olabisi Olasupo, a friend of the author’s, gave a lengthy positive review on the didactic nature of the text, and according to her, the book is a modern fable situated in the Nigerian culture.

The June book reading ended at 6:29 pm with the Executive Director thanking everyone who attended the reading while also inviting them to the next one, which will be held on the 2nd of July.