Ramping Up Your Enthusiasm about a Book

Ramping Up Your Enthusiasm about a Book

Ramping Up Your Enthusiasm about a Book

  1. Read some reviews of the book. Book reviews provide a brief summary, evaluation, and assessment of a book. Look up online reviews of the book you’re reading to spark your enthusiasm about it; if the reviews are bad, read the book with the intention of finding positive aspects that surpass the reviewer’s opinion.

Try not to read reviews that reveal key plot points or which give away the ending of the book. These spoilers may make you less excited to read the book.

  1. Reward yourself for reading. If you’re having trouble concentrating on a book, offer yourself rewards for finishing chapters, or the entire book. To make this reward system effective, ensure that rewards are realistic, immediate, and specific; your motivation will falter if you can’t follow through with the reward, or if it is too vague or far in the future to inspire you.
    • Give yourself breaks after reading certain sections. This will help make reading feel less monotonous and help you regain your focus.
    • Smaller rewards (for finishing chapters or sections of a book) could include an indulgent snack or watching an episode of a favourite television show.
    • Larger rewards (for getting through an entire book) could include an extravagant purchase, a gourmet supper, or a trip to the movies.
  1. Switch up your reading style. Consider switching how you approach the book in order to revive your interest in reading. If old school books are not your thing, try reading on a digital device. Alternatively, try reading out loud; it has been shown that doing so may help readers retain information better by creating a distinctive memory of what was said. Something as simple as switching from a paperback book to a hardcover book might also increase your enthusiasm about reading.
  2. Reflect on each chapter or section as you read it. To help your memory and concentration, use reflective strategies to increase your understanding of the book. After each chapter or section, pause to think about what the book said, what is currently happening, and what you think might happen
    • Writing a reflection is a great way to maintain interest. Summarize the section and record your current thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding the text.
    • Discussing the book can also help. Join a reading group, visit an online forum, or call a friend. You can share your thoughts or debate issues about the book.
    • Write down any questions you have about the book. As you read, try answering these answers or see if you can come up with answers when you finish the book.

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