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We want to engender a thirst
for knowledge and a passion
for excellence


We host events that engender a spirit of reading and learning while creating an exciting experience for people and helping them connect with each other.

Book Readings

Since our inception, we have been organising a monthly book reading session on Zoom where Nigerian authors of varied orientations and genres have been invited to read excerpts of their works to an online audience.

This session is also streamed live on social media for others to join. It is an event that allows people to enjoy a live, shared literary experience from the comfort of their homes.

As we continue to grow our network, this monthly reading will become a general platform where all members from different hubs can meet up to read, share and learn more about one another.

Reading Hubs

We are setting up reading hubs in major cities across the country where people can come together on a regular basis to read and share ideas from their readings. The hubs comprise different social contexts including families, colleagues in offices, friends, and other associations of people who have agreed to band together for the purpose of learning and sharing.

This programme is a low-cost initiative. Each hub is tasked with the responsibility of organising its own reading sessions virtually and/or physically. They are also tasked with the assignment of visiting schools in their locality to distribute books, encourage the students to read, and help them in setting up book clubs in their schools.

You can sign up to join one of our hubs here.

Book Clubs

We have a strong interest in promoting reading among school pupils and students across the country. To that end, we are setting up book clubs in schools. Where there are existing book clubs, we adopt them into our network for ease of administration and support.

We desire to support a reading culture among these young people not just through facilitating a shared reading experience in these book clubs but also, with the help of sponsors, volunteers, partners and funders, by distributing learning aids and materials such as books, computers, e-reading devices and other educational materials.

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 About us

The Literary Renaissance Foundation is an advocacy campaign with the following strategic goals:

  • To be the catalysts for the emergence of a new generation of thought-leaders and influencers in Nigeria, and Africa, who love books and learning, and who will eventually step up to leadership positions across all sectors.
  • To engender a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence amongst Nigerians...

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  • Ikota Villa Estate
  • Ikota, Lagos.
  • Email: info[at]literaryrenaissance[dot]org



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