Passive Reading Vs Active Reading

Passive Reading Vs Active Reading

Active reading is involved reading. Active readers differ from passive readers in several ways. Passive readers read words, but active readers read ideas. A passive reader’s goal is to get finished. An active reader’s goal is to learn something. Passive readers expect an author to do all the work, to motivate them and keep them interested. Active readers are self-motivated, and they take responsibility for arousing and maintaining their own interest in an author’s topic.

Passive readers read without thinking. As a result, their minds wander, and they cannot remember what they have read. Active readers think critically about the author’s ideas. As a result, they are more likely to maintain concentration and remember what they have read. As you can see, active readers are involved in the process of reading. On the other hand, passive readers are detached from the reading process.

Studies of reading comprehension show increased rates of comprehension for students who use active reading strategies. To improve your reading comprehension, become an active reader.


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