Oluwaseun Olaniyi Unveils Cultural Tapestry @ LRF May Book Reading

Oluwaseun Olaniyi Unveils Cultural Tapestry @ May Book Reading

The Literary Renaissance Foundation (LRF) hosted its Monthly Book Reading Program on May 5, 2024, via Zoom. The program commenced at 5pm and the spotlight was on Reunion of the Dead, a captivating play that delves into themes of love, war, reincarnation, and the essence of Yoruba philosophical beliefs. Mr. Babatunde Oladele, the Executive Director of LRF, moderated the session, which drew participants from various corners of Nigeria and beyond.

The play was introduced by the author himself, the talented Oluwaseun Olaniyi, who revealed that his inspiration was drawn from ancient Yoruba philosophy concerning life after death. He also got inspiration from esteemed Nigerian authors like Wole Soyinka, Hope Egaga, Femi Osofisan, and Chinua Achebe. Olaniyi’s academic prowess transcends disciplines, with achievements spanning English, Business Administration, Public Service, and now, a Ph.D. pursuit in Information Technology. Despite being a second-year English student when he penned the play, its impact resonates even years after his graduation.

During the book reading session, participants were assigned to read the words of specific characters in the play. They successfully breathed life into the main character’s reincarnation following his tragic death. The dead man successfully hinders his earthly lover, Akanke from finding love as he kills any man that comes near her. The lady is eventually tagged as a witch by people in the community. The drama unfolds a tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance, while educating the reader on the ethos of Yoruba culture and values.

At the end of the reading session, participants were given the opportunity to comment on the drama. Barrister Oke Tejumade lauded the play’s cultural richness. She said, “I am highly impressed. It is a very beautiful representation of Yoruba beliefs, culture, and values. The performance and rendition were also very enjoyable.”

Mrs. Olasupo Olabisi likened the play to the works of literary titan Wole Soyinka while Aisha Alarepe praised its creativity, emphasizing its poignant portrayal of family dynamics and the cycle of life and death.

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Ojo Olanrewaju

May 10, 2024

This is a wonderful presentation packaged with great wisdom of the youruba culture and believe. A well packed novel moving to greater heights.


Phibean Ogunlade

May 13, 2024

Very good. Let more literatures like this that will educate the younger generation of the rich heritage of the Nigerian culture be in circulation especially in secondary schools.


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