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LRF November Book Reading: A Masterclass with Samuel Adeyemi

The November edition of the Monthly Book Reading organised by the Literary Renaissance Foundation [LRF] started at 5 pm on Sunday, 6 November on Zoom, with Oladimeji Ogunoye, the moderator, opening the floor for the attendees to introduce themselves.

The Executive Director, Babatunde Oladele, did an introduction of how and why the foundation was founded. At the same time, a brief bio of the author was read by Mary Ogundipe, the Foundation’s Administrator.

Samuel Adeyemi, the author of “Look Really Good”, is a certified Reputation Manager, Media Strategist, Media Entrepreneur and Journalist. He helps individuals and businesses to move from obscurity into the limelight, and ensures that they remain prominent in the eyes of stakeholders in their industry and target audiences, thereby increasing brand equity.

Look really good, published in 2021, focuses on how to make money and increase one’s influence with an excellent reputation.

The book gives strategies and approaches that can be adopted straightaway to make an individual look really good, make money, increase influence and gain recognition as a leader in one’s field.

Drawing from his rich experience in the area of public relations, journalism, political communication, marketing communication, crisis communication, and digital marketing, the award-winning author has penned a bestseller that helps businesses to stand out from the crowded market space and become highly sought after, desirable, irresistible and the toast of all.

According to him, a good reputation equals more money in one’s pocket while a battered reputation is a pathway to poverty and irrelevance.

After the reading, participants were allowed to ask questions and give their reviews. The meeting ended at 6:29 pm with the Executive Director thanking everyone who attended the reading while also inviting them to the next one, which will be held in mid-November.


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