LRF Makes Impactful Visit to Sango Community High School In Ibadan
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LRF Makes Impactful Visit to Sango Community High School

On Wednesday, 29th May, 2024, the LRF visited Sango Community High School, Samonda, Ibadan, Nigeria to sensitize the students on the benefits of reading. The Vice Principal (Academics), Mrs. Beyioku welcomed the LRF representatives and the programme commenced at 8:10 am at the school hall with 157 students and 15 staff members in attendance.

Representing the Literary Renaissance Foundation were:

  1. Olabisi Olasupo
  2. Funmilayo Makinde
  3. Timileyin Adeleke
  4. Abraham Akinyemi

Olabisi introduced her team and the LRF, and then explained that the purpose of the foundation’s visitation to the school is to groom the students to be readers who will become better leaders in future. She noted that the reading culture in Nigeria is practically dead, leaving a large number of people in the country ignorant about literature, critical thinking, sociological perspectives and much more. The purpose of the foundation is therefore to reawaken the lost interest of reading in our nation.

Funmilayo opened the floor with a detailed explanation of the mission and vision of the foundation. Then, Timileyin explained the LRF’s goals with copious illustrations that piqued the students’ interest and attention. Afterwards, Abraham spoke on the importance of reading, also citing various examples of past and present great Nigerians who were/are great readers.

As the presentations progressed, Olabisi drew the students’ attention to new words that Abraham noted on a board for the students to write. She thereafter took a brief reading of an excerpt from the novel Silas Marner by George Elliot. This got the students and staff members enraptured, but it had to be cut short due to time constraints. The session came to an end with the team encouraging the students to get their personal copies and read. A copy of the book was left behind for those who would want to read it during the term.



A question-and-answer session followed, where students who answered questions correctly were given gifts in the form of pens and books. 12 pens and 6 books were given in total.

The outreach was an overall success, especially given the level of active participation from both staff and students. Mrs Beyioku, the dean, appreciated the representatives of the LRF on behalf of the entire school and announced that they looked forward to subsequent visits. The principal also expressed her appreciation to the representatives for their visitation. The visit ended at 9:20 am.


Hajia Olabisi

LRF Volunteer.

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