LRF Dissects Halima’s “Soul Rants” at Its June Book Reading
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LRF Dissects Halima’s “Soul Rants” at the June Book Reading

The Literary Renaissance Foundation (LRF), in the June edition of its Monthly Book Reading, hosted an evening of sharing and poetic rendition featuring postgraduate student Halima Abdulazeez and her first anthology, Soul Rants.

The programme was held, as always, via Zoom, with live streaming on the LRF’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram platforms. Foundation director Babatunde Oladele, opened the programme, before handing matters over to the master of ceremony, Mr Seun Olaniyi.

The author was introduced, and the audience, made introduction of themselves short and crisp, as they waited expectantly as Halima adjusted her video, confirmed the clarity of her audio, and began an inspiring vocal performance that crystalises the essence of poetry as creative entertainment.

Soul Rants is undeniably its author’s portrait of self-expression. She described the collection as her own positive rant, the result of “a lot of conversation within myself and with my environment”.

The anthology is full of creativity and meaning, with nine different chapters unveiling various cogent expressions of womanhood, love, betrayal and homecoming. The work is replete with allusions to nature, and the simple diction works brilliantly to create great imagery that fuels the audience’s imaginative minds.

During the reading, many people commented on the creativity and meaning deduced from the many poems read.

At the end of the session, Mr. Oladele appreciated everyone who attended for giving his/her time, resources and intellectual view.

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