Ebube Ugodim reading her book The Refugee at the LRF book reading
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LRF Book Reading: Child Author Captivates Participants

It was another exciting evening for all participants when young author, Ebube Ugodim, took to the podium and read from her book, The Refugee, at the July 2023 edition of the LRF book reading held on Zoom on the 2nd of July 2023.

The event, which started a few minutes after 5 pm, kicked off with a welcome address and introduction of all who were present by the compere, Oladimeji Ogunoye.

A brief overview of LRF was done by the Executive Director of LRF, Babatunde Oladele, while the Administrator of the Foundation, Mary Ogundipe, read a profile of the author of the day.

Okpaladim Stephanie Ebubechukwu, also known as Ebube Ugodim, is a prolific author who writes to educate, entertain and inform readers. She started writing at the age of twelve and has published four books, which are readers’ favourites. The titles of her books are Alexandra the Sickler, Conspiracy, the Broken Home and The Refugee.

The book The Refugee cuts across circumstances, such as conflict, that lead to the refugee situation. It also showcases the evils of human trafficking and slavery, which is still a booming business across the world.

The book is about Evelyn, a poor, apparently worthless refugee who works as a servant. Pictured in the eyes of her bosses and fellow servants as a servant for life, Evelyn’s life would soon take a good turn, to everybody’s shock.

Ebube Ugodim tells her story so beautifully well, deliberately interspersing the narrative with captivating scenarios in which suspense, passion and joy are woven into what seems like a seamless ride.

Comments flowed in from some of the participants. Graceflora commended the young author on writing an “impressive” book. Olabisi Olasupo also commended Ebube on the groundbreaking approach that captures vivid imagery in her work on child trafficking.

The Book Reading ended at 6:25 pm with the Executive Director thanking everyone who attended the reading whilst talking briefly about the ideals of the Reading Culture Dialogue.

He enjoined everyone to be a part of the LRF Volunteers Workforce whilst inviting them to make it a date for the next Reading Culture Dialogue on July 8, 2023.


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