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Literary Renaissance Foundation Visits Imaad Schools

On June 19, 2019, the Literary Renaissance Foundation team paid a visit to Imaad Schools, Lekki. The programme commenced by 11:50am with the introduction of the Literary Renaissance Foundation team to the Staffs and Students of Immad School by Mr. Sevrano, the head of school.

Thereafter the opening prayer was said by a junior student. Shortly after the prayer was the talk with the students by the Foundation’s Project Coordinator, Hannah Abe. The main idea of the visit was to sensitise the students about cultivating a reading culture.

She highlighted the objective of the Foundation, which is to ignite a reading culture in Nigeria one person per time. She then spoke about how to cultivate a reading habit, emphasising that the zeal students applied while acquiring skill in playing musical instruments, learning how to swim, shooting free throws at basketball should also be applied to reading in order to achieve excellent academic performance.

She also talked about the anatomy of reading practices:

  • Comprehension: the extent to which the students understand
  • Volume: the time students spend reading each day
  • Challenges: the difficulty and complexity level of the text they encounter

She explained to the students how to cultivate a good reading habit, stressing the following points.

  • Set a time for reading
  • Always carry a book
  • Find a quiet place
  • Reduce time spent on television/internet
  • Keep a log
  • Get used books if you can’t afford a new book
  • Have a library day
  • Read fun and compelling books
  • Make it pleasurable
  • Set high goals
  • Have a reading hour or reading day.

With the aforementioned points, the students were encouraged to cultivate a good reading habit, with an endnote that they need to read more to become a success now and the future.

The programme came to an end at 1:45 pm after a question and answer session with vote of thanks given by the students. The LRF Team also received a souvenir from the school in appreciation of the courtesy visit.

Further Action

The team had a brief discussion with the Head of School, Mr. Sevrano, who look forward to working with the Foundation as the school establishes a reading club from next academic session.

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