Literacy Development and Technology

The combination of literacy development and technology makes good educational sense. Literacy development no longer relies solely on reading and writing skills.

Using technology is no longer a choice in our society but it has become imperative for our students. Teachers use technology in preparing students for a successful future.

Technology helps students to be motivated

Student-driven literacy development can be very motivational.

There are electronic books and other literacy apps that change the pace and reading level of students. These help teachers work with different students and enhance the reading ability of students.

Technology helps students create instead of regurgitating

When teachers use technology to help students create, the students learn how to be productive. This kind of literacy development is student-driven, which can be very motivational. Students can make use of apps that help them wonder, plan, gather, create, and share. These apps help students organize their information but rely on the students to add their knowledge and develop a way to share it. When students use their new knowledge to create, that knowledge becomes permanent.

Literacy development that includes technology can take various forms in educational settings. It can both support traditional literacies and introduce new forms in the classroom. Technology can help students discuss their ideas by bringing readers and writers together in the same classroom, and it can help students work together at different times through Google documents and blogging. Another important feature of using technology is that it allows students to remix various media. The resulting product can be a combination of traditional writing and other new technology-driven genres. Technology is the bridge to creating a new form of education where the borders are undefined.

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