learn how to inculcate reading habit into your child

How to Inculcate Reading Habit into Your Child

Children who are exposed to books from an early age do not only tend to develop a high level of IQ than those who are not, there is also the high tendency of performing excellently in their academics than other children. However, most parents fail to realize this, and are not really interested in schooling their child or ward towards developing a reading habit. In fact, most parents only buy books for their child because the school mandated it.  It is not enough to buy books for your child; how you inculcate a healthy reading habit as part of your child’s daily routine is what matters. So, here are selected and result-proven ways on how to inculcate reading habit into your child.

  1. Introduce them to concept books: You don’t have to wait till your child is of school age before you introduce them to a book. You can pick a book on colours for them when they are six months, and start by showing them each colour and pronouncing the name of the colours aloud to them. Though they may seem not to be responsive at this stage, but they surely will pick out from those names when you do that continually to them. You can move from this to a concept book on domestic animals and repeat the same process used with the concept book on colours. Proceed to a concept book on alphabets and repeat the same method; reading out loud to them as explained above.
  2. Introduce them to board books: As soon as they start uttering their first few words, you should introduce them to board books with illustrations on simple actions such as: running, sitting, walking, sleeping, eating, and so on, and be sure to read out  the descriptions of each action to them.
  3. Pick a fable and read out to them: Remember you have already introduced them to a concept book on animals earlier on, so this stage won’t be that difficult. You can as well make it a daily routine, it could be before they go to bed at night or any time that suits you, but be sure to be religious with sticking to that particular time you chose, as this would also help in creating an expectation whenever it is their reading time.
  4. Bring the book to life when reading to your child: You don’t want to make your child find your reading boring right? So, you should ensure to bring the book to life by reflecting all the inflections in the book to them, as this will enable them enjoy the reading even more, as well as help them in developing their speaking skills.
  5. Ask them questions on every book you read to them: Make sure they understand, but hey, not with a cane. You should find a way of making it fun for them and not a tedious task. Meanwhile, discuss what you read to them, and give room for them to ask you questions as well. Be sure to use the simplest words when providing answers.
  6. Teach them to love reading by also reading yourself: Obviously you should lead by example. If you want your child to develop passion for reading, then let them see you reading as well.

With the above tips on how to inculcate reading habit into your child, you won’t only end up raising a genius, but also a future leader. Readers are leaders after all.


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