Get the best of what you read

How to Get the Best of What You Read

Getting the best of what to read is as important as reading itself. 

For example, consider the orange at the store and consider what you intended when you picked it up. For many, an orange has to give a lot of juice and be satisfying to the tongue and senses. Yet, not all who take oranges absorb all they would have wanted to suck out of it.

Similarly, picking up a book to read is an exercise that involves interest and definite expectations. Whether fiction or non-fiction, there is usually a value that the writer of any piece intended to pass across when he or she put those words down. As a reader, you should have expectations of the book, too. This would influence your approach to your reading journey.

Here are a few tips to get the best out of what you read:

1. Have heightened expectations, but be open to more:

What usually limits you from gaining maximum value from the books you read is that you were never expecting something big. Of course, the writer can surprise you by delivering content that would appeal to your senses and shape your mind. Still, if it ends at that, you have not fully taken charge of your reading ability. When you have something you look forward to, no matter how bland the book or piece is, you will find parts of the book that will benefit your intellect.

However, do not let your expectations cripple your imagination. As much as you have the intention to get particular value from a piece, be open to more. As much as you expect the writer to meet your knowledge needs about a subject matter, be open to getting the how’s, the why’s and the when’s. For example, a book on personal finance management may contain financial intelligence but do not limit it to just that. You may discover that the book covers much more than you bargained for.

2. Read between the lines and note important details:

The excitement of finding something on paper or screen that meets your immediate gap is beautiful. But you must not let the valuable information you have gained slip away. Note things as much as possible. Going back to them at your leisure would give you so much value. When you just read something and stop at it, without noting anything, it is as good as not reading it at all. Before even noting these important key points, the only way to find the lessons or important points is by reading thoroughly by going beyond the words to understanding every complex concept or word. That way, you would not get vague insights and you would understand better.

Reading should be enjoyed and not endured, and the only way to do that is to get the best of any piece that comes to you. As much as you may just want to read in a hurry or just not spend too long on a book, it is important to derive the highest form of value when you read. By the time you apply these tips we have spoken of, you would get the best of what you read.

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