How to create a home library

How to Create a Home Library

As an obsessive book collector, an avid reader, or someone trying to join the league of readers, you need a home library. If you are looking to promote a reading culture in your home, then you should check out these steps on how to create a home library.

Pick a location for your home library:

The first step to setting up a home library is picking a suitable location in your home. This location could be anywhere such as a room with doors or a part of your living room. While this might pose a little problem for those who do not have enough space at home to erect the library, a small creative reading nook can still be created.

Decide the storage type you want:

Unlike the traditional library which serves a single purpose, a home accommodates various types of activities. Hence it is important to have a proper storage system to house the books. If you do not find the floor-to-ceiling traditional bookshelves alluring enough for your home library, then you might want to check out these great alternatives

Choose proper lighting for your home library area:

it is essential to have the right lighting type for your home library. As without the appropriate light, your library may not be able to serve the purpose you created it for.  While making your choice, you should, however, consider having an ambient and task lighting in your library. This is because, while an ambient light lights up the entire location of your home library, the task lighting (desk lamp for example) lights only a small portion of your library.

Consider appropriate sitting arrangement:

it is imperative to have a good sitting arrangement in your home library. This is even more viable if you are not dedicating an entire room for it. You do not want to arrange your chairs in a way that will call for distractions while reading.

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Ensure the location for your home library is ventilated and comfortable:

A poor ventilated room or environment will discourage reading and is unfit for your home library. To make reading in your library worthwhile, you should invest in a cozy and well-ventilated space for your home library.

Finally, sort and arrange your books according to the interests of those in your home, and arrange alphabetically in your storage for easy accessibility.

Meanwhile, if you have made up your mind to set up a home library, then check out these inspiring home library ideas to create one for yourself.

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