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Five Books to Spice Up Your Book Club Meeting

The worst thing ever is a boring book club meeting.

But if you so much as know what a book club is, you probably don’t need us telling you that.

Having said that, there’s nothing better than sitting with a group of people who can match your degree of excitement, chatting away about a book you found extremely riveting. We know! It’s every book reader’s dream!

If you’re on the lookout for books guaranteed to spice up your book club gathering, then welcome to this post.


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Five Books to Read at Your Next Book Club Meeting


1.1984 by George Orwell

nineteen-eighty-four book for book club meeting

George Orwell’s 1984 was named among five books that changed the world and can change you. It was also named in a list of the top 100 books everyone should read before they die in a ranking by Business Insider.

All for good reason.

1984 is an amazing book, both in its ideas and in the manner that George Orwell presented them. The novel presents a bleak political future (don’t worry, it’s fiction) where everybody is under the power of a totalitarian state, controlled by the omnipresent yet invisible Big Brother.

“Big Brother is watching you” is the motto and the watchword. The lies and the manipulations in this epic story will fascinate your book club members, and the political intrigue that Winston Smith, our protagonist, finds himself in is a wonderful and hilarious event guaranteed to loosen everyone’s tongues.


2. Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm - books for book club meeting

We know. We’re pushing it. But it’s a testament to how amazing this book is that we couldn’t resist listing another immensely famous George Orwell novel.

Animal Farm tells of a group of anthropomorphic farm animals who overthrew their human masters (they exiled them, they didn’t enslave them – so never fear). The animals took over the farm, establishing a republic.

But as the story progressed they tilted more and more towards an autocracy, so that the end of the story leaves us all with a huge question.

If you pick this book, then you’ve got yourself a conversation warmer.


3. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

the hate u give - books for book club meeting

OK, let’s leave the bright and sunny for now and turn toward the dark side.

This is a novel that quickens the pulse and generates controversy. It is the story of an African American girl named Starr Carter, who witnesses the killing of her best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer, and has to tell an entire country, maybe even the entire world, what happened that night.

What she says could either save or destroy her family and her life.

This book is certain to get people talking about racism, injustice and police brutality. However, things might not actually be what they seem. And for a book club debate, there are many other controversial angles that could be pulled from this story.

They’re brimming in our minds but we’ll leave it to you.


4. My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

my sister the serial killer

We’re coming home.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s thriller is a story of morality clashing with sisterhood and sibling loyalty. Korede, who always cleans up her sister’s mess whenever she kills her boyfriends (yeah, you read that right), eventually finds herself needing to protect her own love interest, who happens to be falling in love with the boyfriend-killer.

This novel has many exciting twists and turns. It’s a lovely pick for any book club.

The dark humour alone is certain to inspire exciting dialogue during your meeting.


5. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet

the vanishing half


The last one on this list is Brit Bennet’s 2020 bestseller.

The Vanishing Half is a story about twin sisters who get separated in adolescence and ultimately end up in two very different worlds.

It’s a stimulating novel that deals with racial identity and bigotry (Why do people have to be so mean?).

But it also deals with family and what it entails. Your ideal pick is a novel like this that puts words into the mouths of even the most tight-lipped.

It’ll loosen tongues, trust us.

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