young girl reading in the right environment

Creating the Right Environment for Reading

When it comes to reading, there is hardly any rule regarding where it can or how it should be done. You just pick up a book and begin to read. With this established, you must also know that different people have different peculiarities as regards reading.

Some can read anywhere and anytime and assimilate, while some have to read at a specific time of the day, with conditions that are suitable to them. These conditions do not make them less smart or incapable. They are just conditions that they are used to over time.

When it comes to creating the right environment for reading, you can put the following in mind:


Understand yourself and what works for you.

Some people’s bodies have been conditioned to read at certain times of the day, such as early in the morning, or late at night, or even in the middle of the night. Irrespective of the category you fall into, understand it and begin to schedule your day around those times because they are not reading times, they are thinking times too. If you desire, you can defy that arrangement and re-adjust to another time of the day. Remember, those times were adopted by you. You can re-adapt yourself to other hours.


Find a suitable position.

When you understand yourself and are able to identify the different categories of reading time that you fall into, then you can proceed to find the position that suits you. Would you rather sit on the floor or on a chair, or would you prefer to lie down?

Finding the most suitable position for you keeps you productive throughout your reading time. In such a position, you are not battling with falling asleep or neck pain. You are in your most comfortable posture.


Get an environment that would aid your assimilation.

Ensure that this environment is somewhere you can get to. It should be easily accessible to you. Your reading environment can be in a public or private space, but it must be a place that would not hinder your thought process. You should be able to read, understand and retain information in such an environment.

Reading is a very integral part of life. It affects your productivity. When you are comfortable enough to read, you are comfortable enough to think, paint pictures as you read and even produce new ideas.


Olamide Omolawal is an avid research enthusiast with an interest in creative and content writing.