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Benefits of Shared Reading to Children

Shared reading is the act of engaging in interactive reading by two or more people under the watch of either a teacher or guardian. That is, they can divide a page into parts and read to themselves. After reading, each reader can then tell the other what they learnt from the reading and ask questions as well. Children struggling with reading are often helped out through shared reading. Below are more benefits of shared reading to children.

Shared Reading Improves Expression among Children

Children who engage in shared reading activities often find it easier to express themselves.
According to a language researcher, Westby shared reading improves oral communication among children. He adds that such a reading method enhances their sense of belonging and social interaction which boosts self-esteem.
However, to get this effect, storybooks and religious books are recommended. Storybooks, according to research carried out by Teale and Sulzby, encourage proficient language development processes which are vital to self-expression.

Shared Reading Helps Participants Improve Their Listening Skill

Listening skill, which is one of the many benefits shared reading provides, is vital to maintaining an effective relationship. What’s more, listening skill is assumed to be an integral element of communication. Also, children who participate in shared reading effortlessly develop good listening skills. This is so because shared reading activities involve listening keenly to what the other party reads. This will  enable them to comprehend the information being passed.

Shared Reading Allows Children to Develop a Wider Lexicon

Shared reading helps children learn new words. This helps them build their lexicon which in turn improves their reading experience.
Apart from the above, shared reading gives  educationists insight into how best they can provide help to children struggling with literacy skills.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of shared reading to children, we hope you will engage and guide them to do the same.

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