Adedayo Omotunde Dazzles at LRF February Monthly Book Reading
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Adedayo Omotunde Dazzles at LRF February Book Reading

The February edition of the Monthly Book Reading organised by the Literary Renaissance Foundation [LRF] left participants excited, stimulated, and eager for the next edition.

The meeting started at 4 pm with a short introduction to the foundation, the author, and the book by Mr Oladimeji Ogunoye, the anchor of the meeting. After this, he opened the floor for the attendees to introduce themselves.

More than five people were already present among which were participants from Lagos, Abuja, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Mr Ogunoye introduced Mr Babatunde Oladele as the host and Mrs Omatseye Oti as the Executive Director of the Group. They both welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Mr Bede Ehiogu read the author’s citation after which Mr Ogunoye introduced Mr Adedayo Omotunde, the author of The Intrapreneur, the selected book for the month.

Mr Omotunde then briefly went into the reading of the book which he presented in summarised slides. Some of the key points of his presentation include:

  • The value of your idea and the importance of being able to sell that idea to those who can invest in it. He gave an example of a successful intrapreneur who needed capital of $240million to start a business.
  • The importance of having substantial experience in a relevant field/area
  • The importance of an intrapreneurial mindset

He also stated that there are 3 types of workers: The entrepreneur, the intrapreneur and the grunt worker. He explained the difference between these categories and implored his listeners to determine which category they fall into.

The Question-and-Answer session followed and comments were also taken. A few general announcements were then made by Mr Ogunoye. He then asked everyone to turn on their videos for a group photograph.

The session was brought to a close with audio clips of Mr Omotunde reading his book. The session ended at exactly 5:47 pm.

LRF February Monthly Book Reading
LRF February Monthly Book Reading

About Adedayo Omotunde

Adedayo Omotunde is a top business executive and telecoms professional currently based out of Dubai. He has an executive MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University [OAU], a telecoms MBA from the University of Derby, an MSc from Swiss Business School, and strategic management training from the University of San Diego. 

He also has executive education from MIT and several professional certifications. 

‘Dayo has worked with three Fortune 500 companies and has over 15 years of experience in telecoms. He has also consulted for clients in 16 countries. A major milestone in his professional career was his successful deployment of a Fintech platform for a telco client with a presence across the Middle East and Africa. During 2019, the total value of processed transactions on that FinTech platform surpassed $56 billion. 

He is a published author and has successfully established several start-up businesses in the hospitality, agriculture, real estate, and IT industries. 

Dayo, a devoted Christian, is married and has two lovely daughters.

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