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A Fiesta of Literary Delicacy Served at April LRF Book Reading

The monthly LRF book reading is an event that draws together authors, readers, writers, and other people from different walks of life through their shared interest in books, and the 2nd of April 2023 edition with Joy Daniel was no different.

The April LRF Book Reading started at 5:30 pm. It was hosted by the LRF by the Executive Director, Babatunde Oladele who explained the aims and objectives of the Literary Renaissance to the participants after the initial introductions by everyone present; after which Linus Barry Tagang, one of the interns in the 2023 internship cohort of TRW Consult read the biography of the author for the day.

Joy Daniel is a fast-emerging writer, content creator, poet, innovative genius, author and educator and her latest work is entitled Lucid Dream and other stories.

Currently, she’s a writer at Klarecon, and the Writing Department Team Lead at Creat! Naija and a private tutor at VanPebbles Hub. Joy is in her final year studying English Language and Literature at the prestigious University of Ibadan. She possesses a host of recognised creative writing certificates.

Written in a single epistolary style, Letter to My Father is a blend of reality and imagination as Angela pens an emotive and emotional missive to her beloved father who, days to her adorable birthday, travels on a distant years-spanning journey.

During his unpremeditated departure and absence, Angela, the main character recounts the mixture of ugly and beautiful experiences in a piece to her father. Her father’s odyssey has brought to the fore the true visages of friends, relatives and even foes as they overcome all odds.

While reading the epistolary artistic literary masterpiece, the author broke down in tears as it brought back memories of what indeed happened.

Questions and accolades mixed with emotional messages poured in from participants as it was an emotional read to everyone present.

The LRF book reading ended at 6:45 pm with the Executive Director thanking everyone who attended the reading while Mary Ogundipe, the Foundation’s Administrator, invited them to make it a date next month at the next reading which holds on May 7, 2023.

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