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7 Ways to Get Paid To Read Books At Home

If getting lost in a book is your idea of a good time, why not get paid to do so? There are many good ways to get paid to read books at home. Here are 7 ideas you can start today.

1 – Proofreader

The trend for authors to self-publish their own books has created opportunities for proofreaders. Instead of having a publishing company proofread their books — authors are hiring freelancers. This has created a demand for independent proofreaders. As there’s no experience or certification required, you could even get a job today by searching sites like Outsourcely for jobs.

Caitlin Pyle of the website Proofread Anywhere has earned over $40,000 a year proofreading part-time. She shares her experience in her free introductory workshop.

 2 – Create a Book Summary Business

The book summary business has been around for decades in many different forms. The Internet has made the possibilities even wider.

One business model is the book summary club. Take a look at GetAbstract.

You can do the same thing in another market for example, review the top parenting or health books. Or there’s putting your book summaries into audio format, so busy people can listen to them on their commute.

Another idea is putting book summaries into a package and selling them on a site like Udemy. For example, you can summarize the Top 12 Parenting Books Of 2017 and put it into a course.

3 – Get Paid To Review Books

There are many websites that pay you to review books. Some of the bigger ones include:

  • Book Browse
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • Publishers Weekly

One other possibility, with higher income potential, is becoming a freelance writer who specializes in book reviews. Check Outsourcely for blogs looking for this type of work or try pitching a few blogs who write book summaries in a niche you’re interested in.

4 – Book Review Blog or Vlog

There are thousands of review blogs out there who earn good money — you can join the fun and create a review blog for books.

One example of a blog is Growing Book by Book. This blog specializes in book reviews and all things reading for children.

As your blog grows, you can do both paid and unpaid reviews. Authors and publishers pay very good money to get their book reviewed.

5 – Become a Voice Actor

Another idea to get paid to read books at home is by becoming a voice actor. What it takes here is simply reading a book out loud.

Professional voice actors make on average of $3,000 per audio book, according to the site

6 – Content Editing

If you simply love to read one in-demand freelance gig is blog editing. This side gig consists of reading and editing web content.

With some technical experience, such as inserting links, images, and proper formatting, you can make some money.

7 – Researcher

You can get paid many different ways for researching.

For someone who wants to get paid to read books at home, you might specialize in finding interesting stories authors and journalists can write about.

CREDIT: The Ways to Wealth

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