4 Popular But Awful Reading Spots

4 Popular But Awful Reading Spots

These 4 Popular Reading Spots Are Actually Awful

“One person’s fantasy reading spot can be another person’s nightmare zone. I felt a vital shift once I realized all the reading spots I was supposed to love were actually awful.” Christine J.

  1. Reading in bed

The ultimate in comfort is actually the ultimate in falling asleep three minutes after you start reading. I have made this mistake again and again. I figure I’ll snuggle up and enjoy my free time with the book I’m currently reading, but fast forward to two hours later and I’ve accidentally taken a nap, and have to rush off to whatever I have planned next, having completely wasted my time.

One person’s fantasy reading spot can be another person’s nightmare zone. I felt a vital shift once I realized all the reading spots I was supposed to love were actually awful.

Where to read instead:

Invest in a reading chair, but one that offers upright back support and is just comfortable enough. I have learned I enjoy books the most when I’m awake and alert, even if I’m not covered in pillows and blankets.

  1. Reading a coffee shop

I know, I know, a latte and a novel seems like the perfect combination. You get the best seat in the cafe, soft indie music is playing, and everyone else around you is on a book based adventure as well…in a perfect world. Let’s be real, though — usually the cafe is packed, the best seat is taken, or when it finally becomes available people give you looks of disdain for sitting in it for too long. The barista asks you if you’re going to order another coffee at some point, the music is a never ending loop of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, and people are either furiously typing away at their laptops or talking way too loudly.

Where to read instead:

The library. Not only are you surrounded by books, but it’s free! You’re more likely to find a good reading chair, and no one is waiting for you to leave. The best thing? The quiet. Libraries are so, so quiet.

  1. Reading on the beach

I wish reading on the beach was a good experience, but it never is. Gosh, there is so much book risk. You’re up against sand getting in between your pages, water getting in between your pages, and ocean winds flipping your pages! Most beaches are pretty crowded, and you usually have to be on the lookout for a flying beach ball or a seagull attacking out of nowhere. All the while, the sun is beating down on you. With all this stress, there is no way you’re going to stay focused on your story.

Where to read instead:

If reading near bodies of water is your thing, I would suggest some lakeside reading time instead. The winds tend to be less powerful, the shores calmer and not so noisy, and there will most likely be more shade. Ah yes, I feel relaxed already!

  1. Reading on a blanket in the park

This is one I still try to make work, as there is a lovely park in my neighborhood that I really enjoy visiting, and I have a blanket that’s perfect for solo reading. However, after I roll out my blanket onto some rocky, uneven grass, I have to switch positions every five minutes for comfort’s sake. Why is it so hard to find a good position on a blanket? I tend to look for a shady spot, but have to shift the blanket over as the sun moves, which seems to happen in seconds. The faint smell of goose poop is never too far away. Perhaps the biggest distraction of all, though, is the constant parade of adorable dogs! I can’t read one paragraph without a cute pup catching my eye. It is devastating.

Where to read instead:

Keep in the spirit of the park, but visit a sculpture or botanical garden instead. There are benches and sitting areas all around, some quite secluded and serene. Again, sitting upright in a seat that provides good support is best for reading, and you’ll still be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Perfect!

SOURCE: Litreactor.com

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