Science-fiction books do not just offer a great form of entertainment that does not fit into other literary genres, there are other great reasons to invest your time in them. Here are some of the importance of reading sci-fiction books :

Sci-Fiction Books allow you to explore:

Unlike most fictional books, sci-fiction takes you completely out of the world and culture you are used to.  It avails you the opportunity to explore the imaginary world of science and technology using Artificial Intelligence, robots and other sorts of machines as prey or predator.

Imagine traveling thousands of years before your actual birth date to correct some norms you detest right now, or probably traveling into the future to set things right before you get to that stage! Cool, right? Well, that’s just one of the pleasures sci-fiction offers you.

By the way, you should try out “The Left Hand of Darkness” if you haven’t already. Octavia is a great read as well.

Sci-fiction challenges your ethical assumptions:

Quite a number of times, some of the things we assume to be right are actually wrong. This especially deals with societal norms passed on from one generation to the next. Sci-fiction authors, thus use their stories as an allegory to not only challenge these norms but question their relevance. Bradbury Ray uses his sci-fiction books to unravel the brunt of justice miscarriage, discrimination, power abuse, and so on.

Sci-fiction books evoke emotions:

Apart from the fact that Sci-fictions spur one’s interest in matters relating to science and technology, it evokes the emotion of its readers. it does so through ideas that would not have necessarily fit into other literary genres.

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Sci-fiction improves memory:

Science fiction through its heroic characters and scenes allows us to visualize a lot while reading them. This act of visualization improves the cognitive ability of the brain. it also provides easy access to programming information for memory retention.

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